January 19, 2022


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This is Not a Drill: Live. Post-Election Strategy.

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"The popular front is dead. Long live the popular front."
Is the broad front of groups that movements entered into this year to defeat Trump dead already? Or does that broad front represent the basis for the progressive majority that many aspire to build?
Organizers are celebrating after playing a likely decisive role in defeating Trump at the voting booth. And they are gearing up for the chaos of the Presidential transition, and the long fight that follows.
What lessons can we take from the election about the role our groups have played, and where do we stand in relationship to the voters we moved, the groups we allied with, and with one another? Are we prepared for the non-electoral and electoral battles that lie ahead?
Hosts Adam Gold and Rishi Awatramani return to discuss these post-election themes with guests Jon Liss from New Virginia Majority, Purvi Shah from Movement Law Lab, Branden Snyder from Detroit Action, and Philadelphia City Councilmember Kendra Brooks.*

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