July 4, 2022


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The US deportation machine is out of control right now

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The world was horrified earlier this year to see US Border Patrol’s horrific treatment of asylum-seeking Haitian refugees fleeing for their lives. Even though the news cycle has moved on, the nightmare for migrants and refugees is still very much ongoing, and the US deportation machine under President Biden is moving at a monstrous pace. In this urgent, unscheduled episode of Rattling the Bars, TRNN Executive Producer Eddie Conway speaks with organizer Selinda Guerrero about an upcoming protest action at an ICE detention facility in New Mexico and about the need for people to hold Democratic and Republican administrations accountable for their inhumane immigration policies. Selinda Guerrero is the New Mexico field organizer at Forward Together, the national action coordinator for Save the Kids, and she leads the New Mexico chapter of Millions for Prisoners, a national movement to abolish the loophole in the 13th Amendment that allows for the continuation of slavery through the criminal justice system.

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