January 27, 2022


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Shocker: Military-industrial complex doesn’t want wars to end

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Former generals and elected officials are flooding the airwaves to demand the US continue its occupation of Afghanistan, without disclosing their ties to the defense companies that have profited handsomely from the war or having to answer for the decisions they made that prolonged the conflict. TRNN’s Jaisal Noor sits down with Sarah Lazare of In These Times to discuss the role the media and military-industrial complex play in building support for and justifying endless war. Lazare is a web editor and reporter for In These Times and has written extensively about the US military-industrial complex, including two recent articles, “We Can’t Let the Generals Who Lied About the Afghanistan War Define Its Legacy,” and “Military Contractor CACI Says Afghanistan Withdrawal Is Hurting Its Profits. It’s Funding a Pro-War Think Tank.”

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