January 18, 2022


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New Home Checklist with Tamera Gaede || Community Cocktails with Kimberly Episode 51

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Have you recently purchased a new home or are looking to buy a new home?

On this episode of Community Cocktails with Kimberly, I’m sitting down with Tamera Gaede, Director of Collin County Sales at Lawyers Title to discuss everything you need to do before moving into your new home from when you need to set up your utilities and how to forward your mail, to how to know if you qualify for a Homestead Exemption.

If you would like to contact Tamera directly:
Call: 469-380-6322
Email: tamera.gaede@ltic.com

To set up your utilities go to www.utilityconcierge.com

To learn more about Homestead Exemptions, you can visit the Appraisal District Websites:
Collin County – www.collincad.org
Dallas County – www.dallascad.org
Denton County – www.dentoncad.org

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