July 4, 2022


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Meet the Actor Who Played Barney for 20 years Carey Stinson

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0:00- 0:53 INTRO
1:28- 3:00 Barney and Friends background, when the show was created
3:19-3:26 Purple Roads Podcast info
3:27-5:00 Meet Carey Stinson, Beginning from the beginning of Becoming Barney the Dinosaur (Carey started in 1991 Barney birthday parties) Sharing about the audition process
5:00 "To be honest with you I was looking for a job" but I realized very quickly the responsibility. The emotions were incredible coming from kids when they met their best friend
6:00 The incredible crew and team that believed in it. The Barney family. Barney’s musical Castle, sold out
7:00 The Power of I Love You
7:15-7:50 Behind the Curtain without giving away the Magic of Barney, the first costume.
8:00- Share the ties to Texas, Barney is Texan! The Fort Worth locations
8:16 Carey Stinson Wedding Photos
9:20-12:30 Carey launches Purple Roads video podcast, sneak peak of these clips, how Carey connects with other famous actors through the show. Who will be the 100th episode guest?!
12:32-14:00 Carey’s family and moving home to Texas roots, Carey as a little kid, Carey getting married location, Carey’s favorites in Fort Worth are Hind Bbq, Sharing Barney memories and the spirit and passion of Texans.
14:03-17:11 What is Carey up to now? Photography, the lessons Barney taught Carey and what he thinks about today in 2022. Texas photography, the gallery Carey sells his work.
17:15-18:55 Carey admits his failures. How to follow your dreams, hopeful message how not to accept no for an answer.
19:00- 22:00 When Carey almost DIDN’T become Barney and his persistence paid off story.
22:47 Carey tears up during I Love You song, Carey shares his heart and what Barney taught him, the fans that reach out to Carey.
24:00 When Carey fainted because of the fear of public speaking and how Barney helped Carey overcome his fears of being in front of people.
25:36 How to book Carey to speak or book Carey for appearances, Carey shares his current mission
26:00 Thank you

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