December 9, 2021


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Charles Blow – The Devil You Know

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In this episode, acclaimed journalist and op-ed columnist for the New York Times Charles M. Blow walks “The Tight Rope” with Dr. Cornel West and professor Tricia Rose. The author of the bestselling memoir “Fire Shut Up in My Bones” shares a grand geopolitical vision for Black America in his new book, “The Devil You Know.” The new text is an unsettling manifesto, proposing nothing short of what some may see as the most audacious power play by Black people in the history of this country.

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Creator/EP: Jeremy Berry
EP/Host: Cornel West
EP/Host: Tricia Rose
Producers: Allie Hembrough, Ceyanna Dent
Beats x Butter (IG: @Butter_Records)

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